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Since founded by Grant Spink in 2012, Grantworks Media has operated with a globally aware mindset. This means that every project we undertake has real potential to be impactful in people's lives, not just in North America, but around the world.


We like to challenge ourselves, which is why every project we have undertaken is no small matter. In a world where cyber security is an ever-present concern, our platform Imcrypt has real potential to change the way we treat security in our conversations. Our proposal for the UBS Optimus Foundation, in which we regularly consulted with a PhD in Immunology, a Social Media expert who works for NBC, and a film director, is able to impact the world in a tanglible way which could save lives.

Creative Work

Thinking outside the box is a principle we strive for when creating new projects, but practicality and resolve is at our core. Each project we have undertaken has served a clear practical purpose, and has been executed to completion. As you can see by the work we have done, our principles do not limit us; rather, they have allowed us to serve needs through a wide range of media including software, apps, books, and proposals.


How to Publish Your App


Wash Away - The UBS Optimus Foundation

Proposal / Action Plan



About Us

  • March 2012 - July 2011


    A political-themed tic-tac-toe game that pitted Barack Obama and Mitt Romney against each other. Released on the Apple App Store for iOS 5.

  • November 2012 - June 2013

    How to Publish Your App

    In the wake of releasing an app on the Apple App Store, we saw a need for more concise and clear documentation for the app publishing process. We created a 113-page illustrated book detailing step-by-step the exact procedures for iOS app publishing. Currently available on Amazon.

  • September 2014 - Present


    After hearing about the news regarding the NSA scandal, we saw a need for better security in people's lives. We created an encryption messaging service which utilizes steganography, RSA, and public key cryptography to discretely send messages with near perfect security. Publicly available on GitHub.

  • In response to a call put out by the UBS Optimus Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this was a deeply researched project proposal complete with critical paths, budget summaries, and mock-ups and which aimed to reduce infant mortality in India via cellphone games. The proposal placed in the top 5 out of 675 submissions and is currently being presented to the Canadian International Development Agency.

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Our consultants and team members vary by project.

Grant Spink

Founder and Project Lead

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